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MANSAROWAR VIDYALAYA is a CBSE English medium school run by KAILASH MANSAROWAR SHIKSHAN SAMITI. At present the school is having an area of 4.21 acres. The newly constructed building has spacious and well-lit classrooms and is well equipped with multimedia gadgets and extremely efficient faculty to help the child learn and perform to his or her optimum level. The campus is under CCTV surveillance to ensure safety and discipline. The school has 11 buses that cover the entire town and surrounding areas.


Classrooms: The school has well lit and spacious classrooms with ergonomically designed desks and benches where students can comfortably accommodate.

Computer Lab: The School has computer lab with advanced infrastructure which cater to the requirements of the students and teachers. Internet-enabled computers are designed to meet the students’ Information Technology needs. Trained and experienced teachers provide both theoretical and practical lessons for students to help them navigate a rapidly changing technology driven world.

Medical Facilities: The school has a well equipped medical room where first aid is immediately provided to the sick.

Transport facilities: The transport facility of the school caters to around 500 children. School has 11 buses covering the length and breadth of the town and nearby areas.

Sports facility: To maximize development and fulfill sporting potential, Mansarowar Vidyalaya has progressively included more and more sports facilities over the past two academic years. Each year our sporting facilities are modernized to cater for as many sports as possible.

Yoga: Mansarowar Vidyalaya School hosts weekly Yoga classes for the students. Flexibility of body and mental peace are some of the key benefits of regular yoga. Yoga is accepted worldwide as one of the most effective form of exercise to influence the mental control. Yoga is a compulsory activity at School and there are no extra charges.

Cultural activity: Beyond their classes, students will participate in a wide array of integrated cultural activities throughout the Academic year. This will give them the opportunity to actively use their new skills as well as become culturally competent in the languages they seek to learn.

Co-Curricular activity: Mansarowar Vidyalaya considers not only the cognitive development of its students but also the other aspects of their personality as equally significant to be developed or nurtured. To enhance the students' all round development and cultivate varied interest, a strong academic foundation, is complemented with a rich selection of co-curricular activities.

List of Activities

1.) Debate

2.) Art and Craft

3.) Quiz

4.) Dance and Music

Multimedia Classes: The school has Audio-Visual room with a LCD projector. The AV library comprises rich educational and entertainment programme to augment the learning ability of the children and sustain their interest in learning.

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