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Principal’s Message

Every child, at the time of taking admission in the school, wishes for greatness as grown-up. Whatever he/she may become – doctor or engineer, teacher or farmer, officer or trader, politician or actor, he/she wishes to attain excellence in that field. This wish is driven by his/her parents’ dream, a dream that the child achieves fame and wealth alike, society honours him/her as an honest and responsible person. To realize this dream, a parent searches for a school where teachers can enable the child to succeed. Teacher, from whom the student can get all his answers, teacher who identifies the child’s talent and guide him to right direction, teacher whose conduct is an ideal for child and a school which provides all round development to a child in a disciplined way. MANSAROWAR VIDYALAYA’s teachers are determined to meet all these criteria. It is a matter of future, how much greatness a MV student attains, but we have to accept this truth that God always honours the honest effort.


Welcome aboard. Let Knowledge persist.

Pawan Sahu

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